Talks and presentations

ShinyAim: Shiny-Based Application of Interactive Manhattan Plots for Longitudinal GWAS

November 06, 2018

Conference Talk, ASA, CSSA Meeting (2018), Baltimore, Maryland

Here I am talking Shiny based application called as ShinyAIM. I developed this application in R and Shiny aimed to visualize the interactive Manhattan plots generated from GWAS outputs particularly for longitudinal data. The paper describing the ShinyAIM is published in Journal Plant Direct and can be found here.

Shiny Based Imaging GWAS Server

May 05, 2018

Invited Talk, University of Nebraska Department of Statistics, Lincoln, Nebraska

In this talk I discuss about Shiny, its applications and how Shiny and R-software can be used to develop the applications in plant genentics.

Genotyping-by-sequencing Derived High-Density Linkage Map and its Application to QTL Mapping of Flag Leaf Traits in Bread Wheat

April 05, 2017

Invited Talk , Plant Breeding and Genetics Symposium, Manhattan, Kansas

In this talk I discuss about the development of linkage map in Harry x Wesley derived RIL population. I also discussed about our newly developed pipeline using R/qtl and ASMap how to correct for genotyping errors in genotyping-by-sequencing derived SNPs. Also, talked about the validity, accuracy and comparison of the developed linkage map with newly developed genome assembly of wheat. Lastly, discuss the application of linkage map in identifying QTLs for plant height. The talk is on webpage. The detailed instruction about the R codes used to correct can be found in supplementary materials published in Scientific reports journal at

New tools to Understand and Improve Wheat in Genomics Era

February 10, 2017

Invited Talk, Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company (MAHYCO) India, Dawalwadi, Jalna, Maharashtra, India

In this presentation I discuss about various genomics resources in wheat and there utilization in for wheat improvement. I also discuss about the current status and future of hybrid wheat breeding.

Association Mapping and its Role in Crop Improvement

August 05, 2014

Ph.D seminar talk, University of CSKHPKV, Palampur India Deptt. of Crop Improvement, Palampur, India

Here, I discussed basic principles and concepts of linkage mapping, association mapping, methodology and examples.

Genetics and Molecular Basis of Heterosis in Crops

June 03, 2009

M.Sc Seminar Talk, University SKUAST-K, Deptt. of Plant Breeding & Genetics, Srinagar, J and K, India

Here, I discussed basic concepts, theories and mechanism of Heterosis in plants at classical genetics, molecular and genomics level.